Friday, August 30, 2013

Cinda B Handbags Made Into Chic Baby Bags

I'm not the type of person to carry around a diaper bag but when I had my babies I was sort of forced to. Call me picky but I won't carry the typical "mom diaper bag" full of pockets and compartments. Just because I have a baby doesn't mean I have to downgrade my style. I knew I wanted a sleek, clean lined diaper bag that wasn't huge but large enough to fit the essentials: diapers, wipes, snacks, etc.

I registered for my Baby Shower and found one bag I really loved out of the Cinda B Handbags collection that I wanted to turn into a chic baby bag. Although not named "Diaper bag" this bag has been god sent to me. My really close friend purchased it for my Baby shower and I have used it for years! I got a neutral color so I wouldn't get tired of it and have used it through all my kids. It may have been a bit more spendy but the quality was well worth it. It holds everything I need and is easy to carry or hook onto the stroller.

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