Monday, August 12, 2013

Baby Nursery Design Inspiration

When designing your baby's nursery try out different color pallets. Many stick to the typical blue or pink theme but I think it's much more interesting to use unique color schemes. Still incorporate blue or pink but don't over do it. Many times we get so sick of the overly done colors because they are on everything! Kitchen wear, clothing, bedding, wall hangings etc. Instead try a more design/chic approach, I found inspiration from these nurseries.

Bohemian chic nursery with seafoam green for little girl's room. This refurbished dresser with all different knobs add so much detail to the nursery. Rather than focusing on pink this Mom used accents of seafoam gree. Love!

Add a design element to the wall - this retro nursery is still incorporating blue into the overall theme but used a different technique on the walls instead of traditional painting.

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