Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Best Baby Boots

Baby boots are the best thing to dress your little one in during cooler months. They are comfy, warm and hard for them to kick off (which in my book ranks number one in importance). If your little one isn't walking yet I wouldn't indulge in really expensive designer boots, unless you can afford it of course, rather, invest in a decent pair once they are old enough to walk and need good support.

I am obsessed with baby boots and baby moccasins and always buy a few pairs every year. If you ask me they a re the best shoes you can get for your child when they are really young. These are my favorites! How cute are they? I can't wait for cooler months just for the fact of dressing my little ones in cute comfy winter clothes, shoes and accessories.
Adorable baby boots - who can make these for me? 

Baby boots / Zuzii 

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